Ilham Tower

SIBC CORP SDN. BHD. was formed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; is well-recognised internationally as the pioneer and leader in land development, infrastructure, information technology, oil and gas, and human resource development.

SIBC CORP has built strong portfolios in heavy industrial constructions in 13 different fields. They include:

  • Airport & Seaport
  • Bridge
  • Dam
  • Factory/Plant
  • High Rise Building
  • Hotel & Resort
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline
  • Power Plant
  • Refinery
  • Residential & Commercial Building
  • Road & Expressway
  • Tank Farm
  • Water Pipeline & Treatment

Awards & Recognitions


SIBC has been awarded 1st class and Class-A in the following field:

  • Member of The Federation Of Arab Contractors in Cairo-Egypt
  • Member of the National Committee Of Syrian Contractors
  • Member of the Syrian Contractors General Federation
  • Member of the Syrian Saudi Businessman Council
  • Member of the Syrian Malaysian Businessman Council
  • Member of Homs Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 1st Class
  • Roads, Bridges and Railways. 1st Class
  • Construction of Airports and facilities, 1st Class
  • Sewerage and Storm-Water Drainage and Water Supply Systems, 1st Class
  • Construction of Dams, 1st Class
  • Electrical and Mechanical Works, 1st Class

Quality is the core of SIBC, and we have always exceeded more than 100% of the industrial standard.

Engineering & Strength

SIBC utilises unique Turnkey solution in construction, crafting sustainable economic solutions for emerging nations that improve the quality of life, preserving the environment at the same time, and creating lasting value for all constituents.

The unique three-phase-approach of SIBC encompasses:

  1. working closely with government and community leaders to shape the development vision,
  2. arranging financial resources,
  3. professional project implementation.

It is not a matter of improving traditional or historic approaches, but of breaking the mould and building new frameworks that fit the rapidly changing economies of emerging nations.

Our goal is to help world leaders in building their dream land.